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Improving efficiency & productivity we deliver the highest quality customer service.

Honestly, we thing that branding should not be just cool but also it have to be able to lunch your business “to orbit” and because of that we create experiences, emotions, making your brand to eclipse others. Practically, we are working more with your clients so you should know who they are before you come to us or be prepared to be questioned about it.

For wordless moments we have photography and we say that because in our process from creation to product delivery we rely on those two important goals: to capture the audience attention and to deliver our desired message.

Visual content, through photography, is an important step in branding process and because of that, at Baum Pixel we use only the latest gear equipment and consistently invest in our team. 

Commercial content

  • Corporate photo & video presentation
  • Product photo & video presentation
  • Proffesional testimonials

We are specialised in a wide range of photography and video styles all to suit your business image. Commercial gender is well known to be a rich category for businesses containing a lot of powerful tools for image branding.

Through our experience we have learned that catchy and well managed images, in the right place, will connect your business with your targeted audience delivering the right message.

You want your place to be know or you don’t know how to highlight your product? Starting from business presentations and up to product presentation or professional testimonials, through photo or video content, we’ll create your brand new image story. Our goal it’s not just to delivery measurable results, but also to create an image that everybody will see.

Let's see different - Aerial view

Aerial perspective allows us to showcase places seen as never before.

Drones have drastically impacted the aerial photography and video content. Thus giving us a new perspective on our subject of interest and overall widening our ability to showcase businesses more effectively than ever before.

We chose this as a powerful tool when we want to highlight your commercial place, business or to present catchy details.

Creative area

  • HDR Virtual Tours
  • Dynamic Video Virtual Tours
  • Object Movie – 360 presentations
  • Timelapse / Hyperlapse

Our goal is to bring real, physical image into the viewer’s privacy through interactive and creative tools. This is a way to help your future customers become familiar with the quality of the presented spaces and services detailing them while giving them confidence in quality and the correctness of the information you provide.

Our products are launched in the market as a new interactive concept made with the latest technologies that allows the viewer to choose the information that is most eloquent in the set of information we want to transmit, exploring a space at its own pace without constraints.

In order to meet the needs and demands of your client, we can achieve, using state-of-the-art technology and creativity, HDR interactive virtual tours and Dynamic video virtual tours,  from both the ground and the air, Time lapse and immersive Hyper lapse, Photo and Video shooting from the ground and air, 360 Object Movie – presentations 360 objects in such a way that the information is complete, attractive and professionally presented.

Editorial style

  • Photo & Video shootings
  • Macro & Landscape
  • Archytectural type
  • Acrhival content
  • Sports

It is the most complex style that contains a lot of creative tools for a lot of applications in photography or video content. 

Here is simple. It’s not about the style it’s about the importance. From an old building or a step in a project to an artists creation, all represent a step in our evolution.

Editorial photography is not about fiction but about reality. The interest of this gender is to turn the moment in a real way. We use this technique when we need to highlight an ensemble or a small detail.

Personal approach

  • Commercial approach
  • Fine art
  • Portrets
  • Fashion / Models photography

Personal genres have a free hand in processing and alteration. Nothing is wrong as long as it is credible, it looks good and conveys the desired message or evokes emotion.

Do you remember your family albums with you and your parents or the view on your grandmother’s window? Personal photography style refer’s to private photos. Private photos always create emotions. It makes you to remember and relive a beautiful moment. 

You will think what is about with this connection between your memories and your business. Simple…through this technique, depending of your business profile, will work with your audiences memories ’cause memories create bridges and wi’ll use this as our goal ’cause your services final users will be us, people.

Commercial Content
Commercial Content

Build bridges between your business and your clients through creative images

Creative Area
Creative Area

Our goal is to bring real, physical image into the viewer’s privacy through creative techniques

1000 Words
1000 Words

An image should “say” 1000 words. Don’t waste your time and start create emotions

Aerial View
Aerial View

Aerial perspective allows us to showcase places seen as never before

Editorial Style
Editorial Style

Everything that surprises the uniqueness and importance of our subject deserves its place as a goal

Personal Approach
Personal Approach

Connections are everything, they are like bridges so let’s create bridges full of emotions

Work with creative and lunatic people who think and have a different vision than the rest, is a transition that will take you and your business further than “what’s usual”, to explore the future and all the opportunities. These are things that we actually play with. So, if you’re thinking about a new strategy, branding or rebranding, that’s cool, we can make things be easier and more creative for you and for your business.

We are specialised in a wide range of photography and video styles, all to fit for your needs. From personal content to editorial and creative content up to commercial, we are here to spice up your business image.

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