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About Us

Never stop testing and your image will never stop evolving.
Welcome to BaumPixel!

About Us

Hi and welcome to Baum Pixel!

Our story begins in 2011 when we gathered our ideas and ambitions to create new marketing solutions. Back that time we was two friends with great visions and no employees.

We started as a hobby in video, photography and web development industries. We developed web sites with new marketing ideas based on images, images that we developed, like 360 virtual tours with video content. It was a revolutionary step for what it was named “images”.

So, our solutions had a positive feedback for small and medium companies. The demand was higher and higher and we decided to found our company, so we’ve got life in 2012.

Since then we have continuously improved ourselves and we’ve got bigger and bigger as a team, now we are 12 idealists ready for new challenges. We constantly invest in us, in our team because it’s the only way to keep higher standards for you and for your business.

So, Baum Pixel is our reinvented company since 2017 offering full products and services for the new market. As all entrepreneurs know, it’s easy to make a company but it’s a challenge to evolve it and grow it’s standards so, like us, keep Spice up your brand!

What we do

Never stop testing and your image will never stop evolving.

We build brands and form reputations.
Our inspiration, discoveries and ideas came from our customers and our finished products are strategic communication solutions that work.

We communicate your brand seamlessly across multiple channels for maximum impact, whether it’s in pixel or print, we ensure consistency at every touchpoint.

From strategy to advertising and marketing campaigns, graphic and brand identity to copywriting, websites and mobile app to packaging, still images to virtual tours with immersive augmented, videography concept, reality strong creative ideas engage your audience and yield better results for your business.

We offer a wide range of services and products starting branding and design services, web and mobile develop, immersive photo and video content, up to marketing advices and campaigns, all to support and raise your business.

Creative and efficient are two words that we have to describe at BaumPixel, but they are by far a production line. Every product or service we develop is made to meet the exact needs of each customer. And, of course, resonate with the customer’s target audience.

What we do